Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘standard time frame’ in which you pay out claims?

The time frame any claim takes depends greatly on the type of incident as well as how soon the required information and documentation is supplied to the Activa claims department. Upon submission of all relevant documents, your claim will be settled between 1 to 5 days.

What is the difference between Third party and comprehensive car insurance?

Comprehensive car insurance provides the widest cover – covering your car for theft and hijacking, damages from an accident, fire or explosion and natural disasters like hail and floods, as well as covering damages to your car’s glass and liability to third parties if you’re in an accident. Third Party car insurance is where the policy holder own’s vehicle is not covered but damage or injury to other people and property are covered. For other people property, they are cover up to GHS 2,000 and injuries to other people are unlimited.

How do I determine the value of my household contents?

The best and easiest way is to create an inventory of all of your household contents with the replacement value of the item. The total replacement value of this entire list is the insurable value.

What happens in the event of a claim if I undervalue my household contents?

You would carry a part of the risk in proportion to the amount that you undervalued your household items. In other words, if the actual value of your household contents is GHS200,000 and you have cover for GHS100,000 (50% of the value), Activa will cover 50% of your loss.

Does Activa insure older vehicles?

Yes, we do. If the vehicle is in good condition, we’ll agree on a value of the vehicle with you, the policy holder, insure your vehicle for that value.

Why do I need to take my vehicle for inspection?

A thorough inspection up front prevents you from having problems in the unfortunate event of having to claim. By giving your vehicle a thorough inspection – determining whether there’s any existing damage to the vehicle, confirming if it is in good working order and obtaining the details of any non-standard accessories and sound equipment, we make sure that we have all the info we need to cover your car properly.

I am just curious – What would it cost me per month if I had to insure the contents of my small flat. I have a bachelor flat and the value of the contents is approximately GHS 20,000. Roughly, how much would the annual premium be?

It is almost impossible to give you a quote with so little information. It’s one of those ‘how long is a piece of string’ situations. Please contact our call office or complete an online quote. Our online insurance application will give you an accurate quote based on your insurance needs.

I stay in a rented flat. Can I still get house insurance even if I don't own the property?

We assume you mean household contents insurance as you would probably not be interested in insuring the structure if you are not the owner. You can certainly get household contents insurance whether you own the property or not.

What is an ‘excess’?

An excess is an agreed amount of money that you, the client, is liable to pay in the event of a claim being settled. For example, if the excess on your car is GHS 3,000.00, and the damages amount to GHS 50,000, Activa will pay the remaining GHS 47,000.00 once you’ve paid your excess to the repairer.

What happens in the event of a claim, if I over insured my household contents?

The basic principal of insurance is this: an insurer should place you back in the SAME position you were in, before you suffered the loss you are claiming for. The idea behind insuring your assets is to financially prepare you for a possible future loss. Bottom line? Activa will replace the items that you lost.

How long do I need to be insured with Activa before they’ll pay out if I’m in an accident?

There’s no waiting period before you can claim. As long as your insurance is activated, current and paid up you’ll have cover.

How do I differentiate between ‘private’ and ‘business’ use?

‘Private use’ is when you use your car for private or social purposes, including driving between your home and regular place of work. ‘Business use’ is where the vehicle forms an essential part of the performance of any work or function. If you select ‘Business use’, ‘Private use’ is covered under your policy.

I don't have household insurance, but would like to insure a laptop. What is my best option?

Activa will insure your laptop but not as a stand-alone risk. You would need to have either a home insurance or contents insurance policy to link it to.

Does the model of the car make a difference to the insurance?

Yes. The premiums differ depending on the make and model of the car.

Is my car covered if a friend’s driving it and it’s in an accident?

In the event of your car being involved in an accident and driven by your friend you will be covered providing all terms and conditions of your Activa car insurance policy are met.

Does Activa provide cover for Motorcycles?

Yes, we do offer motorcycle insurance. Please visit our website for more info on insuring your bike.

Do homeowners policies generally cover damage done to property by rodents? And, does a comprehensive car insurance policy cover for damage caused by rodents?

Most policies have an exclusion in their general terms and conditions that exclude damage caused by vermin (rodents). When the exclusion is mentioned in the general terms and conditions it applies to all sections of the policy wording.

Are burglar guards required on a high quality double-glazed aluminium framed windows and sliding doors?

It doesn’t really matter how high quality it is or what the frame is made of. What does matter is whether a burglar can get in more easily. In general burglar bars on windows and security gates on sliding doors do reduce the risk of burglaries and your premium will probably be less if you have this additional security installed.

***Can my age affect my premium, specifically if I’m a young driver?

Unfortunately, for young drivers our experience shows that driving risk reduces with age. Basically, older drivers have fewer accidents than young or new drivers. As a result, we base our premiums on a number of factors which may include the age of the driver.

My brother bought a car and I’m the regular driver. Can I insure the car or must he?

Your brother needs to insure the car with you as the ‘regular driver’ on the policy.

In the event of a theft claim, will you require invoices and/or receipts for the goods that have been stolen? Please advise.

In the unfortunate event of a household insurance claim, Activa can ask you to prove ownership and value of the items you claim for. It is advisable to keep the invoices to ensure that the correct items are quoted on and replaced in the event of a claim.

When a vehicle’s repaired after an accident, do they use replacement parts from the garage dealer or secondhand parts?

All vehicles under factory warrantee are repaired with original parts from the specific vehicle dealer. On older vehicles it is a standard procedure in the insurance industry to use secondhand parts on certain items.